NYSVGA Membership


Membership for just $80.00 per year

Any grower or agri-business person may apply to become a member of this association. Individual memberships dues are $80 per year. There is not a whole farm or organization membership category. Benefits of membership include:

  • Newsletters containing useful information, news and events.
  • Support and sponsorship of the Empire State Fruit and Vegetable Expo.
  • Support of fresh market vegetable research.
  • Support for the vegetable industry in New York State.
  • Representation and promotion of vegetable growers in this state.
  • Representation to our state and federal officials.
  • The opportunity to be included in the New York State Shippers Directory.
  • The opportunity to register for the New York State On-line Shipper Directory.
  • Subscriptions to the American Vegetable Grower and the Vegetable Grower News magazine….and plenty more!

To apply for membership, please click on the button provided below.